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2020 speaks for itself. A year full of misery, isolation and uncertainty. A year that has caused anxiety amongst those who would have never thought they’d be anxious. Suddenly, we were all forced to adapt our lives; working from home became the norm, streets were deserted and Thursdays became a day to mark our appreciation for all NHS frontline workers.

We think we speak for the majority on hearing the “lockdown” news back in March. It was almost as if it was unreal; something that you would see on a film and certainly something that doesn’t happen to you. Initially, we thought about how it directly affected us…”Oh what are we going to do about our weekend away?” or, “what about my birthday plans?” or, “I can’t get a bloody Asda delivery which means I’m going to have to queue for hours around the car park!” Within a week or so, it was remarkable how communities had come together to ensure that the vulnerable and those in isolation were managing with their food supplies and menial jobs.

Fast forward 9 months and we’re in December reflecting on our year. We think it’s fair to say that nothing went as planned but we do have many, MANY things to be thankful for. Personally, we are still lucky enough to have all our friends and family around us. Despite the deadly virus sweeping the nation, any of our family and friends who contracted it fought it off and are still here to tell the tale. We are exceptionally grateful to be able to spend Christmas with some of our family, ending 2020 with some form of normality and celebration. It goes without saying that this year emphasises the cliched phrase, “it’s not about what’s under the Christmas tree that matters ….it’s who’s around it.”

Nick & Lucy x

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